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Trail Cam Captures a Coyote with Dead Deer Fawn

He set up a trail cam at a beaver dam and captured an unbelievable amount of activity and visitors, including a coyote with a deer fawn in its mouth.

Shawn Woods found a beaver dam on his property and decided to engage in a little outdoor education with his two young sons. So he breached the dam by stepping on part of it to get the water flowing over the edge. He then installed a trail cam to capture the animals that passed through.

Since beavers don't like flowing water on their dams, that evening the beaver got busy and repaired the dam. Shawn caught it all on film. But boy, did he ever catch a lot of other critters too.

Shawn also took his sons out to check for and identify any animal tracks that were present. But in addition to the beaver, he captured images of:

  • A muskrat traversing the dam.
  • A bobcat with a small creature in its mouth.
  • A wood duck hen crossing over the dam.
  • A Great horned owl that looked to be taking a drink.
  • One or two coyotes, the second image showing a coyote with a deer fawn in its mouth.
  • Raccoons, including one tough survivor who had no tail and had lost an eye.

Amazing, the number of animals passing through and over the beaver dam. That was seven species just in this short amount of time.

What a perfect spot to set up a trail cam. This beaver dam looks like a wildlife highway. And what some great lessons and images of nature and wildlife to share with his boys.

Like what you see here? You can read more great articles by David Smith at his facebook page, Stumpjack Outdoors.


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Trail Cam Captures a Coyote with Dead Deer Fawn