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Coyote Peterson's 15 Most Painful-Looking Wildlife Encounters


Coyote Peterson is probably the most fearless outdoorsman you'll ever come across.

If you're not familiar with YouTuber Nathaniel "Coyote" Peterson, you're missing out on one of the site's most popular dangerous animal and wildlife channels. Peterson has managed to grow a massive audience for his channel, Brave Wilderness, mostly due to his willingness to let just about any animal bite, sting and scratch him. His willingness to put himself in harm's way eventually catapulted him from a successful YouTube channel to an Animal Planet Series called Brave the Wild. One must respect him for that.

The animal expert generally manages to educate and entertain his audiences at the same time whether he's showcasing the executioner wasp or the Asian giant hornet.

We're not sure if the Ohio State University graduate is crazy, brave, or both. But there is no denying he's one of the world's most entertaining wildlife experts. These YouTube videos are just some of his most painful adventures.

Alligator snapping turtle.


Most people in their right mind wouldn't let a regular snapping turtle, let alone the much larger and harder-biting alligator snapping turtle, near their arms. Coyote, on the other hand, just had to experience the bite for himself!

Warrior Wasp

After Coyote got done climbing the pain sting index, which charts the most painful insect stings on the planet, his viewers clued him in to a Central American wasp that was supposedly a worse sting than number one on the list, the bullet ant.

You'll see he says the warrior wasp isn't quite as painful as the ant, but we still don't want this wasp anywhere near us!



His viewers asked for it repeatedly, and Coyote was more than happy to oblige with an alligator bite video.


Not many would willingly allow themselves to become a human pincushion in the hopes of providing an educational moment for their viewers. But Coyote did just that by allowing a porcupine to quill him and then demonstrating the proper way to remove the quills.



Most of Coyote's videos involve reptiles or insects, but he did do one video with a fish. In this one he allows a lionfish to stick him with one of its venomous barbs. The results are about what you'd expect.

Yellow jacket

While he deals with quite a few exotic creatures, he also deals with ones that are more common here in the U.S. In this case, he gets stung by a yellow jacket just so he can test the effectiveness of some bee sting wipes.



Seriously, who besides Coyote willingly lets a bunch of leeches bite him? Well, maybe there were people who would hundreds of years ago when they used them for medicinal purposes. But you'd be hard-pressed to find someone else willing to do this these days.

Velvet ant

This creature just looks nasty, and if Coyote's reaction is anything to go by, it has the sting to match!


Leafcutter ant

Who would think those little ants you see scurrying through the jungle in movies carrying little pieces of leaves could have such a painful bite?

Tarantula Hawk

As if the name wasn't vicious-sounding enough, it has a sting to match!


Gila monster

The gila monster is the only venomous lizard species native to the United States. This bite is one of the few that wasn't planned.

Fire ants

For those who say he's crazy, they may have an argument with this one. What sane person sticks their hands in a pile of fire ants? Coyote did.



Those with a fear of snakes definitely won't like watching Coyote's encounter with a python!

Bullet ant

The bullet ant is rated number one on the pain sting index and it shows in this video that puts Coyote on the ground in pain.


Giant Desert Centipede

Out of all of Coyote's adventures, this one caused him more pain than anything else he's ever dealt with. It got so bad they had to turn the camera off and he had to go seek medical help, a first for Brave Wilderness. We're just glad it was him and not us!

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