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THIS is Why You Need to Add Sting Kill to Your Pack

Bee stings suck, but they don't have ruin your hunting trip

Bees suck. Well, bee stings suck, bees themselves are actually quite amazing creatures. How many times have you gone to check on your trail cameras this year to only be chased off by bees? Worse yet, get stung while hiking? That itch and burn can't go away fast enough. Watch the video below to find a quick relief to add to your pack. (Skip ahead to the 14-minute mark to see the sting).

So, Sting Kill really works, no matter what you think of Coyote Peterson. The fact is. that yellow jacket got him several times and his arm looked like it had seen better days. The wipe seemed to provide immediate relief with the capsules being an ace up your sleeve. The only downside is that these do have a potent scent. If they work for a guy who gets stung and bit for a living, they work for me. If you plan on hitting the outdoors with kids these are a must.



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THIS is Why You Need to Add Sting Kill to Your Pack