Man Lets Gator Bite His Arm... Because His Viewers Asked Him To

Nothing like getting a solid bite to the arm from a gator... on purpose.

The things people will do for some views. In one of the strangest efforts you will see, Coyote Peterson lets an alligator bite his arm. Yes, on purpose, all because his viewers asked for it.

Not entirely sure if I think he's an idiot or just super loyal to his following, Coyote racks up the views on his YouTube channel because of crazy stunts like this all the time. Whatever pays the bills, I suppose.

You ask for it, and he will do it, resulting in some pretty shocking videos. Just like this.

Coyote claims the reason he does things like this is to portray the significant damage and dangers of getting to close wild animals like these. And also showcasing why it is in best interest to not own pets like an alligator.

I already knew these things, Coyote, but to each his own. You keep doing outlandish things and letting the most destructive animals bite you, and I will gladly keep watching.

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