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That Time a Clown With a Knife Approached a Hunter in the Woods

Was this hunter-stalking, killer clown for real, or is this a clever hoax?

Facebook user Draven Riffe swore this knife-wielding clown was quite real.

Afterwards, Draven was so shaken by the encounter that he waited in his treestand for two hours for law enforcement to escort him out safely.

Watch the video below to see the first-person footage:

Imagine this scene. You are up in your treestand with your bow ready for your big buck to come by. Instead of a buck, it's a madman dressed like a clown, armed with a big butcher knife. He stands silently under your treestand, looking up at you menacingly while holding the gleaming steel knife.

Well, that's exactly what Draven Riffe says he caught on video near Charleston, West Virginia.

What would you do in this situation? While we're split on whether this footage is real, the killer clown epidemic is indeed going to cause harm to both clowns and victims.

If you are a killer-clown prankster, you better think again, as an arrow or bullet may be in your future if you pick on the wrong hunter or concealed-carrying citizen. Consider this your warning.



That Time a Clown With a Knife Approached a Hunter in the Woods