60 Insane Hog Kills and 1 Dancing Pig

Eradication station central. 60 hogs down in no time, plus one rather funny dancing pig.

Thermal and night vision hunting have taken the predator/hog hunting world by storm. Everybody wants to try at least one of them, and who could blame them when you see videos like this?

Talk about an added advantage for taking out nuisance critters. This video is a prime example of just how effective hunting at night for hogs can be. Watch as these hunters mow down 60 hogs in this short clip. Oh, and you also get blessed with a dancing pig. Looks to be something similar to the Truffle Shuffle.

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As you probably know the feral hog population is at an all-time high in states like Texas, and thermal imaging technology like this is helping hunters be more successful in the eradication process. As you can see from parts of the video, there is no shortage of piglets being born, and the damage they are causing is devastating.

Some may argue this is bad shooting, but the goal is to finish the hogs off by all means necessary, no matter how many shots it takes.

But back to the dancing pig! What do you think about that Texas Two-Step?

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