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See How Much Heat Guns Put off with This Cool Thermal Imaging Video


We all know that guns put off heat when fired, but this thermal imaging video really puts it into perspective. 

As we know bullets are fired when a primer ignites the gun powder inside of the bullet casing. The pressure from this contained explosion then sends the bullet down range. A by product of that explosion is heat and thanks to thermal imaging you can see how much heat is actually created.

The guys from TEquipment, a thermal imaging company, headed to their local range to fire off a few guns. They set up one of their special cameras to capture the action before letting some lead fly.

Sit back and watch this oddly satisfying footage of a handgun and M249 LMG create a cool thermal color show.

It is really impressive how fast a gun barrel heats up even after a few shots. I really liked how if you look closely you can see the light heat trail of the bullet as it heads downrange.

This also serves as an important reminder to allow you barrel time to cool when spending long periods at the range. Especially when shooting rounds in quick succession.

People are quickly finding this lesson out with bump stocks on their AR-15’s. The stock barrels were not made to handle the intense heat put off from such quick succession fire. Some have warped or damaged their barrels from overheating.

I hope they continue to make a few more of theses videos. I would like to see what kind of heat a M2 Browning or Barrett M82 puts out with the .50 caliber rounds.


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See How Much Heat Guns Put off with This Cool Thermal Imaging Video