8 legged pig

Hunters Find Crazy 8-Legged Wild Piglet in Texas

Like something out of a sci-fi movie, a Texas hunter finds something rather rare and it is gaining a lot of attention.

If you know anything about hunting in Texas, you know that hog hunting is growing because the population needs to be held in check. With an absurd number of feral hogs roaming and devastating the farm land, hunters set out to take as many hogs as possible.

Among thousands of hogs being taken a year, none might be as attention-catching as this piglet.

One head, two bodies, and eight legs. And as you can imagine, anything with eight legs that isn't a spider is going to grab some headlines.

After harvesting an adult sow, Jesse Garcia and his hunting buddies quickly noticed it was pregnant. When skinning the hog and removing the eight piglets, one seemed a little different than the others. Scratch that, a lot different.

The Ripley's Believe It or Not-inspired pig had eight dangling extremities and resembled a mutant. They quickly new they had a hold of something special and the spotlight would be coming soon. But they probably weren't expecting this much buzz.

Of course, the anti-hunting community has got their hands on it and the hunters are catching a lot of flack from them. They are attempting to educate those who complain of "murdering baby pigs" on the devastation that the feral hogs are causing in states like Texas.

Garcia claims he has been offered hundreds of dollars for the piglet, but it is still currently sitting in his freezer at the moment.

"For the right amount of money, anything's for sale," Garcia said in a Facebook post. "We've never seen anything like it."