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GRAPHIC: Fishing Fails and Fish Hook Accidents


As fishing season picks up, hopefully this video will have you setting that hook with a little more caution this year.

Fish hooks...oh so effective and sharp when helping getting that trophy of a lifetime in the boat, but just as sharp when they meet your flesh unfortunately.

Viewer discretion advised, but this video will leave you thinking you are lucky for dodging these kinds of mishaps.

With a series of unfortunate events, these fishermen and women find themselves on the end of some bad fishing stories.

Hard to imagine finding yourselves in the middle of one of these accidents. With the size and number of hooks that some of these lures have these days in addition to the excitement of trying to set a is surprising that it doesn't happen more often.

One little tip, if you do get a hook stuck in you and it punctures all the way through and out the other side or at least close, don't panic. Cut the hook and force it out the rest of the way so the barb is not tearing flesh, yet going with it.

We wish you all safe fishing and tight lines.

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GRAPHIC: Fishing Fails and Fish Hook Accidents