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Coyote Attacks 3-Year-Old Girl

Well, here's one more reason to predator hunt.

A coyote attacked a 3-year-old girl from Snoqualmie, Washington. According to Q13  Fox, she was on her front porch while her father was hanging Christmas lights when the attack happened. It was close to dark (around 6 p.m.) when the critter walked up to young Sophia and pounced.

The Washington town has seen a large uptick in coyote activity. According to Q13, within 24 hours of this attack, seven other coyote sightings were  reported. It seems like they've basically lost all fear of humans, or this one has something else going on, because it walked right down the street. 

The coyote did do some damage to her jacket, but fortunately she walked away with only a few scratches. Her dad and that jacket saved her from serious harm. Hopefully, the Snoqualmie area is doing something to handle these coyotes.

The Washington coyote population is very high, so the regulations are limited and there isn't a bag limit. As long as you have a license of some sort and you wear orange, you can hunt coyotes all year long.



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Coyote Attacks 3-Year-Old Girl