banning guns
FL Senate Judiciary Chairman Greg Steube

Controversial Florida Bill Would Hold Business Accountable for Banning Guns if Patrons are Left Defenseless

Wow! A place might think twice before banning guns if this passes.

A new law may go into effect in Florida that will change how some places do business. Soon, should an immediate threat occur in a "gun-free" business, patrons who otherwise would be armed would have the ability to sue a business for the restrictive gun policies that left them defenseless. If passed, places of business banning guns could become a thing of the past. 

As you can guess, Democrats all over the state are expressing outrage at this law. However, the stated goal is to create an equal balance between the rights of businesses and the Constitutional rights of Americans. 

"It's the premise in Florida that if a private business wants to prohibit guns in their location that's open to public, that's fine; they can do that," said Senate Judiciary Chairman Greg Steube, who authored the bill. "But if you're going to do that, in my opinion, I should have some assumption that I'm going to be protected as a conceal-carry permit-holder because you're taking away my ability to defend myself."

So in other words, privately held gun-free zones are all well and good. However, this NRA-backed bill seeks to make that come with a cost. If passed, adequate protection shall be placed by the business to ensure the safety and protection of their patrons. That seems only fair if a business doesn't allow legal gun owners to legally carry.

"If you're prohibiting my ability to carry and I'm licensed to carry ... you're going to need to make sure that there's adequate security in place to protect me in case of an emergency or some type of shooting incident," Steube continued. "And if you don't take those adequate measures and something happens, then you're going to be liable."

Makes sense to us.