53 Places That Don't Want Your Business If You're Carrying a Self-Defense Gun

Will you give these places of business your money knowing they have banned guns? 

The Second Amendment is a fundamental right of every American. Unfortunately, there are those in the political spectrum that feel the need to take this right away based on fear and misinformation.

To further illustrate this point, the good folks at Second Amendment Check created a list of 53 places that have banned guns, and just don't want your business if you carry a firearm. I feel the need to oblige them. The list was made according to 2014 data, and has only grown since.

To really break this all down, just take a look below. See for yourself who thinks that you do not have the right to protect yourself.


Like we mentioned, this list has only grown since the date shown, and it seems to change even more with the more politicians that get involved.

The rationale behind these places of business and their decision to ask customers to not come in if they are carrying a gun is outlined here in easy clickable links. Feel free to see what you think.

Seeing some of these businesses, such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, and AMC Theatres, really makes the desire for a night out eating wings and watching a movie go way down. I used to go to Panera Bread once or twice every other week or so. Probably not so much anymore.

Thank goodness that America is a big place and capitalism has provided a lot of competition for the places above. I feel I will exercise a little more caution on my freedom to pick and choose where we decide to eat or purchase products starting immediately.

With that, these 53 companies have a future that won't see any of my support. What about you?