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New Louisiana State Record Blackfin Tuna Has Been Caught

blackfin tuna

This is one big blackfin tuna! 

Louisiana's current state record 37.6 pound blackfin tuna is comparably small when matched up against what was just caught from the Pass a Loutre near Venice. David Loewen, from Oklahoma, was fishing with Capt. Joey Davis on a chartered trip when the big fish hit. As the story goes, Loewen was working a Striker Offshore Tackle jig in about 150 feet of water. It was then he found himself in the record books.

"Normally, blackfin are one run and done, but this one made a few hard runs." Davis said in an interview. "I thought it was a yellowfin when it first came up. It rose up, and when (the deckhand) gaffed it, I saw it was a blackfin." 

blackfin tuna

After reaching certified scales, Loewen's pending state record blackfin tuna weighed in at 41 pounds. As you can see, this easily eclipses the old record mentioned above that has been standing since 2001.

"I couldn't believe it. The biggest one I'd ever caught was 32 pounds," said David. "I'd never seen one that big."

In Louisiana, the state outdoors writer's association is the group that certifies record catches. This giant blackfin tuna should be official in no time.

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New Louisiana State Record Blackfin Tuna Has Been Caught