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4 Concealed Carry Options That Understand What Women Want

All images via Can Can Concealment

If you are a female, concealed carry options were few and far between. Until now. 

Concealed carry options for women are hard to come by. Unless a female conforms to the dress fashion of a man, then they are almost forced to carry their weapon in a purse or handbag.

However, for those women who wish to carry on their body, one company is doing something about it. Can Can Concealment is leading the way for women who wish to protect themselves and also be free to wear whatever they want.

1. The Hip Hugger


Can Can Concealment is a leader when it comes to women’s concealed carry options. As you can see from the picture above, an option like this doesn’t require a pocket because it makes it own. It also doesn’t require a baggy shirt or waistband. Just about any casual dress option a female would wear would discreetly hide a small firearm with the Hip Hugger.

2. Garter Holster 


Another genius move from Can Can Concealment. The garter holster allows a woman who would wear a dress for work, casual, or anytime to still be able to carry their weapon for personal protection. There are different sizes to allow for small to large guns, but regardless, there would be no reason to worry about wearing a dress and protecting yourself again.

3. Corset Holsters 


This Can Can Concealment option is one my wife loves. She wears a lot of tighter fitting clothing and this option allows for very discreet carry and also a slimming waistline. Your personal protection weapon can be carried over the kidney area on either the left or right side and easily accessible should the need arise.

4. Sport Belt


The final offering from this fashion forward company is actually one that is for women and men. The sport belt is designed to velcro around the midsection and carry any pistol or revolver you wish. A tighter fitting shirt, loose baggy clothing, even activewear all conceals your weapon. This is the option for those that like to jog, walk, or just be active and still be able to carry.

As trends in firearms purchases only confirm that women are purchasing more guns and applying for more permits, it’s good to see the industry is recognizing this pattern and taking notice.


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4 Concealed Carry Options That Understand What Women Want