Off-Grid Cabin
YouTube: Living Big in a Tiny House

Completely Off-Grid Tiny Cabin Is More Spacious Than It Looks

This cabin is a great use of space.

For many outdoorsmen and women, the ultimate dream is owning a little place far from cities and people. A place where they can easily reconnect with nature and participate in their favorite activities every single day. It's even better if you can build a home that is completely off the grid with no pesky and costly utility bills to drain your bank account.

Owning a home like this can be quite the challenge, but it is possible for people with the drive to pursue their dreams. The home we're showcasing today is a prime example of that. In this video from the YouTube channel Living Big in a Tiny Home, you'll meet Mark and Karen from New Zealand.

After their children moved out, the couple found the perfect spot along Mark's favorite fishing and hunting river to build a small cabin. Unlike many other tiny cabins you may have seen in the past, this one does not feel tiny at all. Best of all, they are completely disconnected from the grid.

This may be one of our favorite off-grid cabins that we've ever seen. The layout of this home is perfectly designed to maximize the small footprint of the building and the high ceilings make the interior feel a lot larger than it looks. Would be a great place to hang some taxidermy if you're a hunter!

The black roof, siding and doors of the interior really make the house pop. The plywood on the interior is an unusual design choice for a full-time home, but it works for this place perfectly, cutting the building costs further. By collecting rainwater and using solar energy, they are also not dependent on the grid.

The best part is, they are just across the road from plenty of hunting and fishing adventures in the wilderness of New Zealand. What's not to love about that?

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