Competitive Shooter Julie Golob on Real Feminism and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Julie Golob, captain of Team Smith & Wesson, has some serious opinions on feminism and how it and other terms have been hijacked by the left.

Julie Golob is a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's also a feminist. That is, she a feminist in the truest, original and best sense of the word. She views modern, far left feminism - with its hypocritical, emotional and twisted view of  "women's rights" - with disdain. But she embraces the pioneering feminism that championed suffrage and equality of social, political, legal and economic rights.

These are virtues that women have achieved through the hard work of founding feminists like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Golob firmly believes in and carries on that tradition of true feminism (and to that I say "Hooray!").

Golob shared her opinion that today, "feminism and its true meaning has been stolen" by the so-called "nasty feminist." The message today is designed to "shock and awe" rather than cheer the equality that women have achieved. The modern feminist, Golob declares, has stolen the term, redefined and corrupted it to mean something quite different from what it once meant.

And just as they've stolen the term "feminism," so too have they stolen terms like "gun safety."

Where once true feminists advocated for self-protection and a woman "protecting herself with the great equalizer—a firearm," nowadays, far left, extreme feminists advocate for "gun control" by the state. They holler that a woman should be free to choose whatever she wants to do with her body, but not free to choose how to best protect her own person. 

The hypocrisy is stunning. Political agendas define the message and "shock and awe" is indeed the order of the day, to the expense of reality, common sense and the autonomy of the individual (woman or man).

"Gun safety" is used by modern feminists and the far left to mean taking away the right to use a firearm to protect one's person or property. "Gun safety" means "gun control" to these people.

Golob is fighting back against that corrupt re-definition. To her, and to millions of other gun owners, gun safety means exactly what it's always meant:

"...specific rules that help prevent accidents. Treating all guns as if they are loaded, never pointing them at anything we do not wish to destroy, having good trigger discipline by keeping our finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, and always knowing our target and what is beyond it helps keep us, and those around us, safe."

She declares:

"Gun safety is not, however, gun control. Gun safety is not a gun registry. Gun safety is not magazine limits, gun bans or gun-free zones. Real gun safety is about practicing specific, proven safety rules when handling firearms."

Julie Golob sets a fine example for all women and men, all true feminists, to follow.

"Let's not shy away from fact to cater to those who have no respect for the true and well-established meanings of important words and phrases," she declares. "Preserve the real definitions and ideas founded in history by using them correctly. And unlike those who have hijacked them, use them justly."

Champion equality and reclaim the words and phrases - like "feminism" and "gun safety" - that those with selfish political agendas have tried to co-opt and corrupt. Be a strong woman or man, embrace your God-given right to protect yourself, your family and your property with a firearm, and don't let the hypocrisy of those who preach fear, hate or inequality go unchallenged.

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