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Three Women Fight the Good Fight for Campus Carry

campus carry

Women fight for their right to protect themselves while on campus, but those opposed say campus carry won’t reduce crime. That’s not the point, say the women.

Texas recently became the eighth state in the Union to legalize college campus carry. Yet there is still opposition from the anti-liberty, anti-self-defense brigade. They suggest that campus carry will not reduce crime.

But the focus on reducing crime completely misses the point. Lydia Longoria, Antonia Okafor and Joanna Rodriguez declare that they’re not so much interested in reducing crime as they are in protecting themselves from crime.

All three are members of Students for Concealed Carry, a student organization that speaks truth to power. The truth is that campus carry would indeed reduce crime against those who might otherwise fall victim to it but for the presence of a gun on their persons.

But overall crime reduction is not their goal. Defending themselves is.

“How does disarming memaking myself less protected on campushelp you in any way?” asked a frustrated Longoria.

Campus security phones are a flawed system, because a student can be harmed or worse in a matter of seconds, well before security can arrive on the scene. Conceal carry has the potential to thwart the threat immediately.

“We’ve always focused on the fact that it’s about personal protection, and it’s not about campus protection,” says Okafor.

The arguments by some anti-gun professors are so ludicrous as to make you wonder how one even qualifies for professorship. Some professors say that students would not give honest answers to firearm related questions for fear of getting shot. Others suggest that students should not be allowed to carry in classes where racial issues are discussed, revealing their own racist leanings. Clearly, critical thinking escapes some of these professors.

There is a lot of far-left indoctrination going on at college campuses these days, including a strong anti-Second Amendment agenda. These three women are fearlessly fighting that fearmongering and people-controlling agenda.

“I’m not hiding behind my gun. I’m empowered by my gun,” declared Longoria.

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Three Women Fight the Good Fight for Campus Carry