Let Your Sassy Hen Play Dress-Up in a Chicken Tutu

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If the chicken purse craze wasn't enough, you can now accessorize your favorite farm animals. Chicken tutus are available on Amazon, and I must admit these chickens look adorable! Chicken owners, take one look at these photos of chickens in their tutu skirts and you'll begin to wonder why you never thought of this idea yourself.

Does your pet chicken have a loud, sassy personality? Well, if your chicken knows they're cute, they're going to cluckin' love these chicken outfits. There is nothing better than cute chickens! Head on down to your chicken coop and put your pretty little feathered-friend in one.

pranovo Chicken Tutu for Your Hen Decoration Skirt Princess Dress

So cute! These handmade chicken tutus are made from soft fabric and tulle, allowing for your hens to have feather growth. Do you put a chicken harness on your pet chickens? Take your chicken for a short stroll and watch them strut in their new high-quality tutu.

Rainbow Chicken Tutu

ThimbleWorks has two adorable tutu options on Amazon. Check out this rainbow tutu. A customer called this best-seller a 'rainbow outfit for hot chicks!' I love it. Customers have nothing but great things to say about this fancy tutu.

Pastel Rainbow Chicken Tutu

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Last but not least, the perfect Easter outfit. The pastel colors are so adorable and scream springtime! I can't stop creeping through these chicken tutu pics. They come in three different tutu sizes, bantam, standard, and LF chicken.

Next time you head to the coop or farm, surprise your fellow farmhand with an adorable view of chickens running around in their new outfits. They will think it's the cutest thing ever.

Not only are these adorable for everyday wear, but they make simple and affordable Halloween costumes for your sweet chickens. Get your cameras ready y'all! It's time for a chicken photoshoot. Post them on Instagram, frame them, or make a chicken calendar at Walmart!

Feel inspired to make a DIY tutu? Check out Amazon for black elastic and tulle netting.

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This post was originally published on January 30, 2020.