Chelsea Handler Says Heartfelt Goodbye to Her Dog Chunk

But she has some good news too. 

Chelsea Handler is a life-long dog lover. Last year she said goodbye to her dog Tammy after she fought a long hard battle with renal failure. She expressed her love for her "bear" on Instagram.

Last week, Chelsea had to say goodbye to her second dog, a Chow mix named Chunk. Fans of Chelsea Handler knew and loved Chunk and his happy-go-lucky attitude. He was featured on the cover of Chelsea's book "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" and even had his own Twitter and Facebook social media accounts. The beloved dog was often in Chelsea's dressing room and made regular appearances on her show.

Chelsea shared her favorite memory of Chunk:

"My favorite memory of Chunk is when I was paddle boarding on the Hudson River in upstate NY and he was following me on the shoreline by the trees, and finally jumped in and swam a quarter of a mile to get on my paddle board with me. I cried that day at how much he loved me. And, today I'm crying because of how much I loved him."

She publicly said goodbye to her Chunky Monkey, "the softest doggy in the world."

And fans around the world chimed in, including Animal Planet, as Chunk was featured in last year's Puppy Bowl.

Chunk, a true gentleman, was rescued from a kill shelter by Chelsea when he was nine years old and it is clear he lived a good, full life full of love and doggy treats.


Not too soon afterward, Chelsea surprised her fans yet again with another announcement. Two more fluffballs are being welcomed into the 42-year-old comedian's life.

Meet new dogs Bert and Bernice.

It's clear that Chelsea Handler loves her Chow Chows!

Bert looks happy as can be to be included in the Handler clan.

Chelsea promised her fans she would always give rescue pups a chance at a better life. She vowed that she would "get another dog that needs a home" to remind her how much she missed Tammy, her first pup.

The talk show host is an advocate for dog rescue and knows that adopting dogs out of shelters saves lives.

And she will always miss her man.

Did you know the beloved dog Chunk? Have you lost a beloved pet? Tell us in the comments below. 

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