Bridge Jumping
Facebook Screenshot: Sheldon Hulbert

Guy Jumps From Bridge, Surfaces With Fish in Hand

Many of us have jumped off a bridge before, but have you ever caught a fish after hitting the water?

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good when it comes to fishing. This kid is now the poster child of that statement, as he wasn't even fishing when he snagged this catfish from the depths below.

A few youngsters out jumping from bridges and making their own entertainment turned into a viral video that's hard to believe. With his buddy filming, the kid leaps from a bridge into a small river and plummets into the water.

After a few seconds underwater, he explodes to the surface, seemingly ecstatic about something. He has a catfish in his grasp after an unbelievable catch. Noodlers, take notes, there is a new technique that probably won't take off anytime soon.

I know what you're thinking. What are the odds? Probably astronomically low. Well, the don't matter, because it seems like this guy just beat the odds. We don't think this style of fishing will take off, but it was sure entertaining to watch.

I watched the video over and over, trying to see if he was hiding the fish within his pants or in his hand behind his back, but I can't spot trickery in that regard. If it wasn't hidden in his shorts, about the only other possibility is they had that fish hooked to a chain stringer at the bottom of the river. That would be the smart way to pull off a prank like this. However, without some other video, we have no proof of that theory. It seems he somehow happened to land in the perfect spot and grab the fish below.

Well done, young man, well done. Many people have caught catfish with their hands, but not many have done it while jumping off a bridge!