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Are You Man Enough to Try Noodling Catfish With Your Toes?

noodling catfish

Most people won't noodle for catfish to begin with. But what about noodling catfish with your toes?

I know you would have to pay me a lot for me to risk placing my fingers in these holes. However, you would have to pay me double for noodling catfish with my toes.

These guys perform like its second nature to them. Almost like they've fished this way their entire life.

Kudos to them, but you won't catch me down there.

I'm not even, necessarily, worried about the catfish. What about coming in contact with snapping turtles, snakes or even alligators?

It's unbelievable how these guys completely submerge themselves in these holes and pull out these giant blue catfish. The camera shows a pretty clear picture, but I guarantee these guys can't see that well under water.

For reference the big catfish they pulled out first weighed about 40-pounds.

If you have any videos similar to this one we would love to see them.

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Are You Man Enough to Try Noodling Catfish With Your Toes?