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Man Catches Fish Bare Handed, and it's All on Video

A desperate fisherman catches a fish bare handed after jumping on top of it. 

Most folks who consider themselves avid fisherman have probably tried to snag a fish bare handed at some point.

Well, this guy goes all in, literally, to snag this giant fish.

The interesting part is that he already hooked the fish, but for some reason he sets the rod down and proceeds to try to grab the fish. I don't know if the fish came off the hook or started pulling the rod into the water.

Either way the guy still leaps all in to grab the fish.

It's difficult to tell what kind of fish it is exactly, however, it appears to be in the pike family.

Not only does the guy pounce on the fish like a feline he chunks the fish on to the shore as he's wading out of the water.

Not exactly what I would have done with my catch, but to each their own.

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Man Catches Fish Bare Handed, and it's All on Video