Hannah Barron
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Hannah Barron Noodles a New Personal Best 61-Pound Blue Catfish in Freezing Waters

This big blue ended up being Hannah Barron's biggest catch ever.

Noodling, the practice of grabbing and catching a big catfish from an underwater hole with your bare hands is something of a nice fishing tactic and it is not for everyone, but one young woman in Alabama consistently makes it easy. Hannah Barron is known for her alligator, feral hog and deer hunting exploits on Facebook and YouTube, but the thing she is best known for is her insane noodling adventures.

In one of her first noodling expeditions of the year, Hannah ends up tangling with a giant blue catfish right off the bat in extremely cold 55-degree water. This massive fish is nearly the same size as Hannah, and has no desire to leave its comfy hiding place.

It takes quite a bit of effort to wear this catfish down, and an even greater struggle to get it onto the boat. This is one noodling adventure one must see to appreciate!

What a fight! You could tell this fish was a handful when she had to wrap both legs around it to stop it from struggling. If you have never fought a catfish on hook and line before, you know how strong these fish are. For those who have not, a catfish's looks can be deceiving. They may look lethargic and lazy, but these animals are pure muscle and they will fight to the last to avoid being captured. It can be difficult enough to capture a catfish using traditional methods, the difficulty goes up when you are in a slimy mud hole in cold water with a fish clamping down hard on your forearm.

This big cat nearly took poor Hannah underwater for a crocodile death roll there, but she managed to wrestle it back to the boat. We love the improvising to get this big fish on board. I do not think anyone imagined they would get on a fish this big so quickly when they first hopped in the water.

Way to go Hannah, that looked like quite the battle. Keep up the good work!

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