Check Out This Fast Motion Video of an Awesome Fishing Lamp Carved From a Chunk of Tree

Check out this entertaining fast motion video of a guy building a very cool, unique fishing lamp, from a single chunk of wood and some hardware.

Here's one of those popular videos that shows a DIY build from start to finish in super fast motion. This particular video shows the crafting of a fishing lamp from raw chunk of wood to completed lamp, condensed to under three minutes in time.

The beauty of these kinds of videos is the surprise element, that you can start out with some raw materials and in the span of a few minutes end up with a completed project.

I don't think I'm giving anything away by telling you that what you end up with here is a rod and reel lamp, as the surprise is still there in how the fellow pulled everything together in the end to create something that is pretty unique.

Wasn't that cool!? He made everything from the base he carved from a chunk of a tree to the bent rod and reel, including even the paper and metal lamp shade. And the little magnet that holds the on/off switch/hook is very clever.

I think we all enjoy these kinds of videos, as we get to see the inventiveness and creativity of folks, and it doesn't take up much of our time to view a few minutes-long video.

You could probably build this DIY project yourself and manipulate it to conform to your own personal tastes or style. And if you do, be sure to film the process and share it for the rest of us to see and enjoy. (Just keep it under three minutes long.)

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