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DIY Portable Survival Stove: Easy Welding Project [VIDEO]

Make this easy arc welding DIY camping/glamping/survival stove.

This chap does some great do-it-yourself projects, and this is his latest. Using an old gas bottle and some offcuts of round pipe, you can make this elegant-looking narrow, vertical stove.

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The pipes and gas tank/bottle were rescued from the trash. With a few dollars in welding rods and grinding discs, the biggest cost is time.

After making this survival stove he lit it up in another video and cooked some breakfast in a skillet on top of it. You can imagine how a space-saving stove like this might be perfect for a tiny cottage or traditional canvas backcountry tent set-up. It doesn’t use much wood kindling and appears to make a very hot fire.

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DIY Portable Survival Stove: Easy Welding Project [VIDEO]