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DIY Rebar Knife Forged With Common Tools, No Anvil [VIDEO]

This is blacksmithing at its most rustic. With a piece of rebar, regular hammers, and a stone for an anvil, this fellow forges an attractive knife.

This is about as rough and unrefined a forging experiment as you will find. It's also fun and fascinating to watch.

It all started with a couple of questions:

1. Can a serviceable blade be forged from a piece of rebar, using the most primitive of tools?

2. Should one expend the time and energy forging a blade from rebar, using the most primitive of tools?

Let's watch and see how he answers these questions.

Wondering if he can make a serviceable knife with such minimal, unconventional tools and material, the blacksmith first runs a couple of simple tests to determine if rebar is forge-worthy metal. His experiments offer a mini-lesson in the properties to look for in a good metal for smithing.

I like his instructive narration throughout the video. Guys like me, who are interested in blacksmithing but know little to nothing about the craft, can learn a lot from his commentary. His successes and failures during the project provide some great teachable moments.

Another take-away is that if you're going to try something like this then you better eat your Wheaties, because there's a big investment in elbow grease. It took a lot of hammering and a lot of hand filing to get to the finished product.

But the finished knife is impressive and, in my opinion, worth the effort.

Would you ever get tired of answering someone who asks you about the unusual knife you're using to whittle that featherstick?

"This knife? Yeah, I forged it in my backyard out of a piece of rebar." That alone should earn you a beer or two.

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DIY Rebar Knife Forged With Common Tools, No Anvil [VIDEO]