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Video: Check Out This Amazing Super Portable Kayak

Ever seen a kayak that could be carried on a motorcycle? Check this out!

Kayaks are a great way to get on the water. That is, if you can get your kayak to the water!  If you get a really portable kayak, it can open up doors to new worlds of exploration. This kayak from Oru Kayak can be carried like a backpack, and you can even fit a couple in the trunk of your car. You won't believe how good it looks and easily it packs up!

This origami-inspired portable kayak goes from bag to boat in a snap. Plus, at 26 pounds, it's super lightweight. I do a lot of solo hiking, and no matter how light, trying to get a kayak off the top of a car is a drag. Being able to take it out of the trunk is a dream.

On top of that, these hulls are supposedly as durable as a fiberglass boat, so no need to panic if you tend to bump into things! That's good news for those of us who get distracted easily.

We're all watching our wallets these days, but Oru does have some options. There are payment plans available, as well as certified pre-owned kayaks available on their website.

I still can't quite believe my eyes...that kayak looks so good and it just unfolds and snaps together!

There are a number of certified dealers as well. So, if you are a skeptic like me and need to try to put it together in person first or just sit in it to see how comfortable it is, there's probably a store nearby.