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How to Be a Cheapskate and Still Out-Fish Your Money-Wasting Friends

Here are six money saving fishing tips to use while out-fishing your buddies.

There are some things in fishing where you definitely don't want to skimp. Good hooks and line are essential for landing fish. Other things can be had at a savings that wont sacrifice how many fish you catch.

Pour Your Own

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You can still have the best quality gear without paying retail prices. Invest in some lead, a few molds from Do-It Molds and you are well on your way to saving money. It takes some time to recoup the initial investment but it is well worth it. The cost of drop shot weights and other essentials can really add up when you are buying them a few at a time. YouTube is a great resource for learning how to do it and how to be safe while pouring lead.

eBay, Fishing Forums and Facebook Groups

This is another way to get good gear for way below retail. Getting good gear used is a great way to have top quality rods, reels and other high-ticket items at low-ticket prices.

Clearance Racks

Most tackle shops have a bin or section of deeply discounted lures. Sure, some are things that nobody wanted to buy, but there are deals to be had if you watch. Pay attention to the clearance section and you are sure to find some deals. Like anything else, it may take some luck to find the good deals.

Discount Brands

The fishing world is full of knockoffs. One company makes a bait and it works and another brand is right behind them with their version. Many times the cheaper version is just as good and you can save some money. The fish do not care about brand names.


Add some new blades to an old spinnerbait you found on a tree or cleaning up an old crankbait that was floating in the lake. These are two ways to extend the life of baits and keep them catching fish.

Reuse Braided Line

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Braided line lasts a long time. You can make it last even longer by reeling it back onto another reel. The bottom half of the line rarely sees the light of day and will look brand new when spooled onto another reel. Double the life and save some money.

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How to Be a Cheapskate and Still Out-Fish Your Money-Wasting Friends