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Here Are the Top Choices for Low Maintenance Fishing Boats

low maintenance fishing boats

Looking for a great low-hassle boat? Look no further.

Tired of fishing from the bank? It's time for a boat. But you want a quality, low-maintenance fishing boat that won't break the bank and will get on the water when you need it.

Here's a look at five great options for low-maintenance fishing boats in a variety of price ranges.

Field and Stream Shadow Caster Kayak


So maybe a kayak isn't exactly what you had in mind for a fishing boat. But you'd be hard-pressed to find a more capable fishing machine for well under $1,000.

A fishing kayak is a kayak by name only. Its design and function is all fishing.

For starters, a solid fishing kayak is made for stand-up fishing and the Shadow Caster, at 12 feet, 3 inches in length is easy to stand in. Once you get the feel for stand-up fishing in the kayak, you won't have any trouble. There's a pull-up rope to help you stand from the seated position and the boat is plenty stable.

There's ample storage for gear and an area for a cooler.

The rack system allows you to mount just about any accessory you can think of including a sonar unit.

Nitro Z19

If you're looking for a quality bass boat at a fair price with minimal hassle, you can do much worse than Nitro's Z19.


Nitro boats have a "no haggle" pricing policy which is nice because you know what the price is and you don't have to wonder if the salesman is looking to make an extra buck off you.

And a fiberglass boat is about as low-maintenance as a performance rig comes. Sure, you have to clean it and wax it from time to time. But over the lifetime of the boat, fiberglass takes plenty of abuse and keeps on rolling.

At 19'4", the Z19 is right in that sweet spot. It's big enough for the Great Lakes but small enough not to be a pain to park in the garage. The package comes with a 200-horse outboard and that will provide plenty of power for any application.

The storage options are well laid out and you'll appreciate the built-in cooler, ample livewell space and fishing-specific features. At just under $35,000 it's no small investment but compared to other 19-foot options, it's a bargain.

Lund Rebel 1600

The Lund Rebel is a fish-catching machine. It's also a boat you will almost never have to worry about.


Lund's reputation for top-notch aluminum boats is well-earned. This boat will stand the test of time and, aside from routine engine maintenance, is as hassle-free as boats come.

The v-bottom boat doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but it has all of the needed fishing accessories you really need and at a price that's not too shabby.

It offers three storage areas, seating for two and a steering console.

Pelican Bass Raider

When all you need is a fishing boat to get you on the water with minimal fuss and expense, the Bass Raider is a great option.


Measuring just over 10 feet in length and weighing less than 150 pounds (minus trolling motor and battery), the Bass Raider is ideal for toting in the back of a truck.

You'll have space and seating for two anglers and some storage options. Pair the boat with a trolling motor and a good batter and you'll have plenty of power to fish all day.

The RamX hull is virtually indestructible and virtually maintenance-free.

The cost? About $650.

War Eagle Sportsman

War Eagles boats are rugged and dependable. The Sportsman series are as basic as it gets -- reliable tiller steering and a maintenance-free aluminum hull.

War Eagle

The Sportsman line measures 14 feet in length and can handle up to a 20 HP outboard. You can mount a trolling motor on the front or back.

They include one cross seat and are intended for solo anglers.

Now that you have your choices, you have no good reason not to be out on the water in your new boat.


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Here Are the Top Choices for Low Maintenance Fishing Boats