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Check Out These 25 Awesome Vintage Deer Hunting Photos for #WhitetailWednesday

These vintage hunting photos are nothing short of awesome!

In today's fast-paced digital world, everything is about the here and now. Big buck photos spread across the internet like wildfire in hours every season, and today's deer hunting photos are increasingly taken exclusively on cell phones rather than actual cameras.

So for today's #WhitetailWednesday, we're taking a little trip to the past to look at some real vintage hunting photos that'll have you wishing you could have hunted in what your grandfather likely described as "the good old days."

25. Awesome mustaches, lever actions and a big buck pole.

What more do you really need?

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24. Beast on a bug.

This one speaks for itself really!

23. 1899 Buck Pole.

They really knew how to fill a buck pole in those days. And is the third deer from the right a doe? If so, she's huge!

22. Motorcycle madness.

I don't even know what to say. Who would do something like this? Even today where people are crazy and try anything!

21. Before there was camo.

Before hunting camo became a multi-million dollar industry, these old-timers were out there smoking game animals anyway. This guy not only has a buck, but two turkeys! Take that fancy, expensive camo patterns!

20. Vintage velvet.

Seems like so many old-school photos are set in the dead of winter. It's rare to see a vintage photo with early-season velvet in it.

19. Michigan Monsters.

Can we just talk about how seriously huge the buck in the middle is? I always wonder about these monsters I see in old photos. What would that buck have scored? And where are the antlers today?

18. Re-creation.

Here's a thing to try this upcoming hunting season if you have any older photos of family members. What a great idea!

17. Load em' up! that buck sitting across their laps in the cab while they're driving?!?

16. Ladies hunted then too!

We're not sure if this woman hunted in that outfit, but if she did, our respect for her goes way up!

15. Filling tags.

Heading home after a good day of hunting #vintagehunting #oldschoolhunting #deerseason #deerhunting

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One thing is for sure, these old-timers sure knew how to fill all their tags!

14. Never measured.

This one's Instagram post says this buck was never measured! What a monster! Makes you wonder what might have been for Maine's record books doesn't it?

13. Rod and Gun Club.

I didn't even know there WERE Rod and Gun clubs back in 1898. You know what they say, learn something new every day.

12. More old-school lever action hunters.

1915 in the upper Midwest. #hunting #oldschoolhunting #jagd #leveraction #leveractionrifle #leveractionfanatics

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These are some seriously big-bodied deer. Also, note the buck on the far left. Is that the world's biggest 4 point?!?

11. Fred Bear.

Let's face it: This list wouldn't be complete without a vintage photo of the grandfather of modern bowhunting included!

10. Family.

No matter what era we're in, hunting has always been a family affair!

9. Train station.! I'm seriously at a loss for words at the number of deer in this picture!

8. Elk and whitetail.

Ok, yes, this is Whitetail Wednesday, but we couldn't resist sharing this cool photo of a bull elk and whitetail buck. How often do you see the two hanging side by side like this?

7. Hood ornament.

No one straps deer to their hood or front fender anymore, but that seems it was the style back in the day. Who wouldn't want to show this buck off to everyone driving home?

6. In living color. 

Most of the really old hunting photos you see are in black and white. But this one from Ontario in 1930 is, surprisingly enough, in color.

5. Bears and bucks.

At this point I'm seriously thinking about trading in my camo for wool pants and plaid this hunting season!

4. Old-School huntress.

You don't see many vintage photos of female hunters. This is one of the best ones I could find. And she took that buck with a side by side, you don't see that very often anymore!

3. Maine Monster.

What a beast! Everyone puts so much effort into minerals and nutrition these days to help bucks grow bigger antlers, but they were doing it long before that!

2. Dragging them out.

Times and technology may have changed, but some things, like dragging out your harvested buck, stay the same!

1. REALLY Old School!

You know you're old if you have hunting photos of yourself with a buck loaded in a horse-drawn wagon instead of a car!

I don't know about you, but some of these make me feel like I may have been born in the wrong era! Now excuse me while I go and build a time machine to go back to the glory days of deer hunting...