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#WhitetailWednesday: 5 Times Hunters Encountered Hilariously Friendly Deer

Here are five encounters with deer that were friendlier than usual.

Anyone who has deer hunted can tell you how hard it is to fool a whitetail. They've got razor-sharp hearing and an even better sense of smell. It's just not easy to get up close with one.

But every once in a while, extraordinary circumstances prevail and hunters get close enough to pet a friendly deer. So on this #WhitetailWednesday, here are five recent cases when it not only happened, but proof of the encounter was captured.

Young deer visits young hunters.

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This one happened in Shwano County, Wisconsin in December 2015. These two kids were off hunting with family and were on their way to their stand when this button buck came to them instead! Something tells me a framed version of this photo is up in the family's home and will be for years to come.

Now that's a unique hunting memory that will be hard to top for these youngsters!

The deer know it is turkey season.

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This story happened to Leon Champine in Indiana this past spring. Leon was out hunting turkeys when a couple of young friendly deer showed up instead. While both got close, one of them actually let Leon pet it! Do you think they knew it wasn't deer season?

Look, I'm wearing orange too!

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A good explanation for most of these encounters is that the deer in them were obviously around humans from a young age. That is even more apparent in this video from Brian Powers in Wisconsin. The young button buck that approached him actually has on an orange scarf that someone obviously put there for the safety of the overly-friendly deer.

Outfitters "catch" a mature buck.

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This one is a bit sadder in nature. New World Outfitters put this video on Youtube of a mature buck who just doesn't seem to care about the two men who walk right up to it. One of them actually stops the deer walking after grabbing his antler. Obviously the deer had something wrong with it, but as you can see from the video, they can't determine it from looking at him. There's nothing on the outside that would give the appearance of being sick. Weird.

I'm just looking for a head scratch!

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Jordan Maxon was out setting up a new stand in his Wisconsin hunting spot when he noticed a buck step into the clearing nearby. What happened over the next few minutes was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. The buck keeps getting closer and closer until eventually it lets Jordan scratch his head!

It's videos like this that remind me why I love going in the woods. You just never know what will happen out in the woods when you're out there pursuing whitetails. It may even lead to a once-in-a-lifetime encounter!