#WhitetailWednesday: The Rest of This Whitetail Room Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Whitetail hunting gets us excited like nothing else, and having a room full of trophy mounts is an accomplishment coveted by many. Roger Raglin's room is something else.

Holy whitetails!

Well... prepare to be either inspired or jealous.

Killing mature whitetails is no easy feat. And filling a room up with them takes a lot of time, since many states only allow 1 or 2 bucks a year. But Roger Raglin's whitetail trophy room does not disappoint, and quite frankly it blew my mind.

Let's just say he has kept his Muzzy Broadheads busy over the years.

From floor to ceiling and on every wall, Raglin has it absolutely covered with bucks many only dream of seeing, let alone succeed in harvesting.

Seeing that many shoulder mounts has me thinking one thing. Can I get in a tree yet?

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