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It’s Not Every Day You See a Deer Caught With Bare Hands [VIDEO]

This struggling deer caught with bare hands is a sad situation, but amazing to watch.

From Alberta, Canada and sonnyfly2‘s YouTube account comes this video of a couple men who came across a large whitetail buck in the middle of the rut. Something tells us (and the guys in the video) that there’s a serious issue with this deer.

Watch one man approach the buck and grab it by the one remaining antler, and take a guess at what is wrong.

WARNING: There’s some strong language in the video. Viewer discretion advised.

YouTube comment guesses range from rabies to chronic wasting disease, but one thing’s for sure, there’s something not right with this buck.

The worst part is, as the gentlemen point out in the video, that it’s a legitimate trophy buck, nice-sized and five-pointed on its one intact antler. There was no gunshot wound, leading most to believe it was struggling internally.

As a friendly reminder, don’t ever approach wildlife the way these guys did. Thought this situation seemed to turn out alright, disease or natural instinct can really only be avoided with common sense and good distance. Observance is fine, but contact generally isn’t.

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It’s Not Every Day You See a Deer Caught With Bare Hands [VIDEO]