Less is More: 10 Awesome Bucks with 6 or Fewer Points for #WhitetailWednesday

Who says big bucks need to have a ton of points?

Everyone loves a big 10 or 12-point or larger buck. Even a big 8-point is something a lot of hunters won't turn down. But for today's #WhitetailWednesday, we're looking at bucks with six or fewer points.

For clarity, I'm going by point-counting rules here in the Midwest where I hunt. Yes, I know. Some places have weird rules about only counting one side or not counting brow tines. For this story, we're counting anything over one inch on both sides as a point.

That means we won't include things like that ridiculous Oklahoma non-typical on a 3x3 frame that nearly broke the internet last year. He's extremely cool, but not truly a six point. These are strictly bucks with six or less scorable points.

10. Seventh Grader shoots a 130-inch 6-point.

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Not every hunter can claim to have shot a buck that goes over the 130-inch mark. Even fewer have done it with a buck with less than 8 points. Yet that is just what 14-year-old Kade Woods did last year with his awesome 132 1/8 six point. The awesome buck had 25 inch beams and a 19-inch spread.

9. Holy spikes, Batman!

Now that's a rack you don't see every day. What on earth was going on with this buck that he grew absolutely no branching points on these ridiculously huge spikes? We may never know.

8. The Old Warrior

A lot of these huge 6 points seem to be older bucks well past their prime. This guy looks like an old warrior who has seen better days. The old ones are the wisest and hardest to harvest.

7. World's biggest 4-point?

Perhaps even rarer than a big 6 point is a jumbo-sized 4 pointer. This one was filmed in Georgia years ago, but is still jaw-dropping to look at. Who said all fork horns were little bucks?

6. Untapped potential?

It looks like this buck wanted to be something more than a spike, but it just never quite happened. What a crazy-looking rack!

5. Summertime blues

Seeing something like this makes you long for the fall doesn't it?

4. Another mutant spike

Where are people finding these mutant spikes? It's just crazy there are no trash points at all on this rack.

3.  Awesome Velvet Six

I'd be excited for deer season too if I got a photo like this on my cams!

2. The one that got away.  

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Tim Wells shared this footage on his Youtube channel last year. This insanely huge 6 point comes right in to 35 yards, but the hunter isn't ready and he slips away forever. What a heart breaking moment. I'd be having nightmares forever about this one if it was me in the stand!

1. Ghost of the Wild

The last buck was the one that got away. Not the case with this one. Watch Ryan Grandel harvest this awesome six in Ohio with his bow. This old deer grossed over 130 inches, which isn't easy to do with so few tines!

It just goes to show, a buck doesn't have to have a picket row fence of tines on his beams in order to be a real trophy. These awesome bucks are enough to turn heads just about anywhere!