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Is This the World's Largest 6 Point Whitetail Buck?

Usually when you think of a 6 point buck, a young deer and a small basket rack comes to mind. This is not the case here.

If you know deer, you know that this isn't your typical 6 point buck. Whitetail deer hunting is the most popular game in the U.S. It brings a thrill and a challenge that no other animal quite can. Sealing the deal on a mature buck can be one of the most rewarding feelings as a hunter.

If someone says that they saw a 6 point buck while hunting, you usually think of a young deer with probably a basket rack. What you wouldn't expect is what Tim Wells had an encounter with in this video. A monster and mature 6 point whitetail that would get the blood pumping of most hunters make his way to the tree and they hope they can put an arrow through his vitals.

Do you think this is the biggest 6 point buck you have ever seen?

Unfortunately, this buck didn't follow the script like mature deer often seem to do and the hunter wasn't ready to take the shot when it was there.

We don't know what the deer scored and they were unable to get their hands on his antlers, but we do know that is probably one of the biggest free range 6 pointers you will ever see!


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Is This the World's Largest 6 Point Whitetail Buck?