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SUV Launches Moose Into the Air After Road Collision


This video shows the moment of terrifying impact that sent a huge moose airborne.

Nobody wants to be a part of a car/animal collision. This is especially true when the animal being struck weighs thousands of pounds.

Such is the case in this new terrifying video out of Colorado.

Watch as this SUV fails to slow down and sends a huge moose airborne!

This footage was shot north of the Silverthorne area. As terrifying as the crash looks, the Denver Post reports Colorado Parks and Wildlife agents tracked the animal after the collision. It appears the moose may survive the encounter.

"One of our officers tracked it for quite a bit - a mile or a mile and a half - and did not find a carcass," Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Mike Porras told the Denver Post. "We believe it survived the initial impact."

The people in the vehicle were probably just as lucky. The internet is full of pictures of the devastation caused to vehicles in car/moose collisions. The damage to this SUV seemed pretty minimal considering the size of the animal they hit.

Hopefully now this scary video will serve as a reminder to be aware when driving in moose county. If you're behind the wheel, always be on the lookout for animals crossing the road!



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SUV Launches Moose Into the Air After Road Collision