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Woman Gored During Vehicle Collision with Buck, Trooper Saves Her Life

A whitetail buck was thrown through a car windshield and penetrated the driver's neck. Fortunately, an officer arrived and was able to stop the bleeding.

A deer crashed through the windshield of a vehicle and gored the driver in the neck with its antlers. Fortunately for the driver, a state trooper quickly arrived at the scene and probably saved the person's life.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Russell Bernard responded to the report of a deer-vehicle collision near Nashville. He took quick action that likely saved a woman's life who was bleeding profusely from a neck wound.

Apparently a buck deer had been struck by another vehicle and was thrown through the window of the victim's vehicle, impaling her in the neck with its antlers. Bernard applied pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding until paramedics arrived and transported the woman to Tri-Star Horizon in Dickson. She was later flown to Skyline Hospital in Nashville for further treatment to the ruptured neck artery.

Officer Bernard later observed a hole in the driver's seat just below the headrest where the deer's antlers had penetrated.

"I commend Trooper Bernard for taking swift action to save the life of the injured driver," THP Colonel Tracy Trott said. "Trooper Bernard was able to apply his cadet training and respond quickly using the proper technique and protocol. I am proud of the work we do every day to save lives on our Tennessee roadways."

The Tennessee Highway Patrol reports that since 2010, deer-vehicle collisions have increased in the state by about 1o percent to more than 6,000 reported collisions a year. November is a particularly dangerous month and the Highway Patrol urges drivers to be attentive and drive defensively.

More than a million deer-vehicle collisions occur in the United States every year.

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