15 Really Cool Piebald and Albino Deer for #WhitetailWednesday

Have you ever seen a piebald or albino deer?

Whitetails with recessive genes that result in albinism or piebald conditions are either very rare or quite common depending on where you go. For today's #WhitetailWednesday, we're bringing you 15 really cool albino or piebald deer we found on the internet.the

No matter what your opinions are on shooting such a deer, no one can say these deer aren't quite stunning to look at!

15. Dragon the fawn.

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This fawn became an internet superstar overnight a couple years ago because of his distinctive white face. He had some health issues early in life, but is a star attraction at the Michigan farm where he lives. It's easy to see why!

14. White fawns still have spots.

Some white fawns will still have patterns of spots, believe it or not.

13. Young buck.

Have you ever seen a deer like this? #WildgameInnovations

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Some piebalds just have really cool patterns on them.

12. It's a family thing.

In some areas, piebalds just run in the family.

11. Mature buck.

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Most white deer don't live long lives because it's easier for predators to pick them out. But some do defy the odds and live to maturity.

10. Seneca Army Depot White Deer

There aren't many places where you can see multiple white deer at once. The old Seneca Army Depot in New York is one of those places. The deer aren't true albinos, but a recessive gene for white hair has flourished within the confines of the depot for years now. After being threatened by modern development, there are currently plans to open a new wildlife preserve there to keep the unique white deer herd intact.

9. Young bucks.


Travis Smola

I took this photo at the Michigan Whitetail Hall of Fame in Grass Lake, Michigan years ago. They usually have several white deer in their pens at all times.

8. Full body mount.

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You'll get mixed reactions on shooting albino or piebald deer. Some think you should, others think you shouldn't. But if you're going to take one, it seems a full body mount is the only way to go.

7. Powdered Sugar.

That's what I'd name him. It looks like someone shook a bag of it out on this buck's back. This is the kind of trail camera photo that dreams are made of.

6. The Ghost

Seems like a most fitting name to us. He'd have to be one to survive long enough to grow a rack like that.

5. Pink antlers.

This one appears to be a true albino. One of the cooler things about these white deer is the white and pink velvet they have on their antlers in the summers.

4. Standoff.

This is another photo from New York's Seneca Army Depot that really shows the variations in color of the deer herd there.

3. Stubby

Skin pigmentation often isn't the only issue piebalds or albinos have. They are often smaller in size and sometimes their legs are a bit shorter than a normal deer. That seems to be the case with the buck in this photo.

2. Less is more.

Her face almost looks like she's wearing clown makeup doesn't it? It's not often you see a piebald with markings this subtle.

1. Legendary.

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The photos of this buck have been circulating the internet for years now. And rumor had it the deer was shot in several different states.  There was even a legend at one point that said Cabela's bought the deer for $13,000! Someone has an over-active imagination, because the truth is nowhere close to that. Still, no denying it is an incredible-looking buck!

Mother Nature can sure produce some amazing-looking animals can't she? Have you ever been fortunate enough to see a piebald or albino whitetail?