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Piebald Fawn Becomes Superstar on Michigan Farm Despite Rejection and Health Scare [PICS]

piebald fawn

Dragon, the piebald fawn born on a Michigan deer farm is finding acceptance and stardom after rejection and a health scare.

The adorable, white-faced fawn has had a rough start to life. After being rejected and nearly being stomped to death by his mother after his birth, Dragon developed an infection in his teeth that caused his jaw to swell. The tiny white-and-brown deer had to spend two weeks in the farm’s intensive care unit, but is now back with the rest of the herd.

“He is kind of prone to issues,” owner and caretaker Hilary Powell told “Everything is a big deal to him.”


But things are starting to look up for Dragon. Despite the health scare and rejection of his mother, the young buck has started to find acceptance in a pen with other deer that have had trouble fitting in with the rest of the herd. Still, his owners are careful to only let the star fawn interact with other deer with supervision present.

Dragon is kept in an area of the farm that limits his exposure to visitors to an evening tour. After the first pictures and stories surfaced about him after his birth in late June, his popularity has skyrocketed.

The attention has taken Dragon’s owners by surprise. To the point they posted a disclaimer on the front of the farm’s website about how the public can see the fawn.

“Dragon can only be seen on the Wildlife Safari Tour in the evenings-not guaranteed you will see him. We do what is best for the animals. If there is an issue, he won’t be available for the tours.”

It’s probably safe to say this deer will be the main attraction on this farm for years to come.

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Piebald Fawn Becomes Superstar on Michigan Farm Despite Rejection and Health Scare [PICS]