Was This Piebald Deer Really Sold to Cabela's for $13,000?

Learn the truth behind the popular Facebook post that claims a piebald deer was sold to Cabelas for $13,000.

It's safe to say you've probably come across a picture of a rare calico, or also known as piebald, deer claiming to be shot in Wisconsin. The post always claims the deer was purchased from Cabelas for $13,000.

The caption of the picture usually does't change, but it resurfaces almost every deer season. This year, Big Rack Trophy Products & Whitetail Academy posted the photo and 140,000 shares later, it's pretty safe to say that it went viral once again.

calico buck

However, where are the true facts behind this rare piebald deer?

Texas Big Game Awards reported James Curtis shot the buck in Palestine, Texas on November 2, 2008 on a privately owned ranch.

James Curtis' wife cleared the rumors of the piebald buck by stating this:

The deer was actually killed November 2, 2008, on a privately owned ranch outside of Palestine, Texas. The piebald deer scored 138 5/8 gross with a total body weight of 195 pounds. My husband is getting the deer full body mounted. Anyways, I just wanted to give you this information since there are lots of emails going around saying the deer was harvested in Michigan, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Georgia just to name a few. One email even says that the deer was sold to Cabelas for $13,000! It is crazy.

It's fair to say that the deer could easily be sold for $13,000, but to public knowledge, the buck is still owned by the hunter.

Piebald deer are rare and amazing looking with the rare pigmentations. Calico or piebald deer occur form a genetic defect. It's said that less than 1% of all wild deer are piebald deer, creating a true trophy and an breathtaking animal.

Do you enjoy looking at piebald deer? Here's a piebald buck, shot this year, that was personally sent to me. And I can vouch for those facts.