Cause for Paws Tattoopalooza: Pet Tattoos Benefit Austin Pets Alive

Lots of Austinites got inked over the weekend. 

And for a good cause!

Tattoo artist Mike Metaxa hosted an event on Sunday called Cause for Paws Tattoopalooza at his Art House Tattoo Shop in Austin, Texas. The tattoos available were all cute, simple outlines of pets, including sleeping cats, wiener dogs, and paw prints, each costing $35.

All proceeds went to Austin Pets Alive, one of the biggest and most notable no-kill shelters in the country.

Metaxa credits his wife for the idea to benefit their local animal shelter:

"My wife got involved a little bit with APA! and then we decided why not,"  Metaxa said. "I can't see animals getting killed just because nobody wants them." 

The talented tattoo artist gave 30 tattoos to Austin animal lovers during the Cause for Paws Tattoopalooza. That money is greatly appreciated by Austin Pets Alive. A volunteer spokesperson for the animal shelter said the donations go to: "treatment, feeding and movement of animals."


Due to the popularity of the Tattoopalooza event, Mextaxa plans to have another tattoo event in March.

Do you have a pet tattoo? Show us in the comments below! 

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