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Simple Hacks to Keep Curious Cats Off of Countertops

Cats love high places, which include counters and the kitchen table.

Cat owners can agree that our lovable felines have some annoying traits. From scratching furniture to playing with the curtains, cats can certainly cause some mischief. However, one of the most annoying things a cat can do is jump onto the countertops. Why they even want to go up on the kitchen counter in the first place, we will never know. Though knowing cat behavior, it's simply because they can and love to be high off the ground. But how can we keep cats off the counters?

Hacks to Keep Cats Off Counters

Cat owners can breathe a sigh of relief because there are some tried-and-true methods for keeping your cat's paws on the ground and off of your counters. They will forever know that jumping on the counter is now off-limits with these countertop hacks.

1. Aluminum Foil Counter Hack


Cats are not big fans of loud noises and tend to startle easily. Layout sheets of aluminum foil from the top to the edge of the counter. Your cat will jump up into the sheets, and the sound will be enough to keep your cat away for a while! Sandpaper is another alternative measure. Cats do not like the texture on their paws and will avoid it.

?2. Double-Sided Tape Cat Hack

Cats loathe having sticky paws. Heck, most cats don't even like having their paws touched! Place some double-sided tape on the kitchen countertop. The sticky tape is the perfect temporary solution for keeping cats off countertops.

3. Essential Oils Hack

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Cats are also very sensitive to smell. A scent that may be pleasant to us, can be downright offensive to your cat. Take a few drops of peppermint oil or citrus oil and place it on or near your counter. You can also try a DIY version of leaving a sliced orange on the counter to see if that keeps your indoor cats off your counter.

4. Use a Spray Bottle To Keep Cats Off Counters

Cat lovers know that the thing their felines hate the most is water. Stick some in a spray bottle and keep it close by. When your cat jumps onto your counter, you can squirt them a few times. It shouldn't take long before they get the hint that you do not want them up there.

5. Clicker Training Cats Hack

It turns out clicker training can be used for cats too. When your cat jumps up, tell them "off" or "down." Once they do it, use the clicker and add in some positive reinforcement like a treat.

6. Give Them A Place To Climb

If cats have a sufficient place to climb that gives them a sunny spot to lounge in and a pretty nice view, they may not be interested in your counters. Stick a cat tree in a corner of the house with a couple of tiers so your kitty can feel high up. Find one with a scratching post so it can serve a dual purpose. Place catnip or cat treats inside so it becomes a game. This way your cat has a place to play and hang out. You can also get them a hanging cat condo, so they have a place to curl up and hide.

Keeping cats off the counters should be a cinch with these six hacks!

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