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This Unique Hack to Trim a Cat's Nails Actually Worked

Need to trim your cat's nails, but find it to be an impossible task? TikTok has the hack for you!

Trimming a cat's claws may be a cat owner's least favorite task. It's not so much trimming the cat's nails, but how to pull off this feat without getting scratched up! Thanks to a viral Tik Tok video from Sheralynnh and her cat Haze, I think we may have discovered a safe way to trim your cat's nails without needing to see a groomer.

Cat Nail Clipping Hack 


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TikToker @sheralynnh takes nail trimming to the next level, showing off a hack for painless nail trims. In the video, she shows step-by-step how to trim a cat's nails. First, she grabs the nape of her cat's neck with her mouth, much like a mother cat would pick up her kitten. Next, she holds her cat's paw in her hand, taking the nail clippers to Haze's nails, and snips away in the ultimate cat care tip.

She commented on the video, saying, "Honestly, the FASTEST he's gotten his nails cut."

Jean M commented, "I cannot believe this actually worked. I tried it on my cat, who normally has to be given medication for nail trims... and it worked!!!!!"

While it might be an easy way to get cat grooming accomplished, some cat parents may not be able to get past having a hairball in their mouth. Calypso 191 commented with the purrrfect solution if you need to give your cat a manicure, but you are a bit cat fur adverse, saying, " a vet tech... you can just use a chip clip."

It also got the Tik Tok-verse wondering if this will work on dogs, allowing you to use their nail trimmers with ease. The consensus: Highly unlikely.

How to Trim Cat Nails Properly

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Even with regular use of scratching posts, indoor cats need regular trimming, especially on their front claws. Trimming sessions tend to go better if you get your cat into a regular routine, at least once every two weeks. Cats have four nails on their front paws, plus the dewclaw, which is on the side of their paw. Their rear paws have four.

Press gently on your cat's paw pad to get their nails to come out so you can see their entire nail. Trimming a cat's nails will likely be more manageable with proper cat nail clippers. If it is your first time trimming your cat's nails, you need to be careful only to trim the white part of your cat's nails and keep away from the pink part; this area of your cat's paw is called the quick, and it not only has nerve endings but also blood vessels. If you cut too far back on their nails, they can start to bleed. To stop the bleeding, you can use styptic powder or a styptic pencil.

To make the process more enjoyable for your cat, you can give them a special treat after you are done trimming their nails. If you have an older cat, you can trim its nails once every two months.

Why Should You Trim Cat Nails? 

Regular trimming of your cat's nails is highly recommended for your cat's well-being. If your cat's nails get too long, they can get caught and possibly tear. Longer cat nails can also splinter, likely causing your cat discomfort.

Even if your cat is solely an indoor cat, it is discouraged by the ASPCA to declaw your cat. This is because declawing your cat's nails leads to adverse effects like pain and complications.

I don't know about you, but I would be more likely to try to chip clip idea over putting fur in my mouth.

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