$40 Cactus Cat Scratching Post Is So Adorable, Even Your Cat Will Be Impressed

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Cat owners know just how much their feline friend loves to play, eat, and yes, scratch. Cats will scratch when they are excited, want to stretch, or just to maintain their claws. Cat toys can help exhaust your pet cat's pent-up energy, but cat trees are purrr-fect for letting your cat scratch.

Indoor cats might be domesticated, but they still have their wild instincts. Cat tree towers are super convenient for letting your cat be a cat but without scratching other items in the house—including you!

As if you need a reason to spoil your fur baby with more cat supplies, investing in a high-quality cat tree will benefit you and your cat in the long run. Whether your current cat scratch post needs to be replaced or if you just want a more modern cat tree, this cute cactus cat tree will look adorable in your living room!

PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post Cactus Cat Scratcher Featuring with 3 Scratching Poles and Interactive Dangling Ball

Finally, cat furniture that adds a pop to your home decor! This green cactus cat scratching post from Amazon is simply adorable. Not only does it have all the benefits of a standard sisal cat scratching post, but it also adds a chic, modern twist to any room.

The base of this sisal cat scratcher is made with plush carpet, so it is soft enough for your furry friend to lie on. This post is available in two different sizes:

  • medium cat post (23")
  • large cat post (27")

Customer reviews are saying that the large cat post is the perfect size for big cats and adult cats. No need to worry about this cat tree tower tipping over when your cat is playing with it. This cat tower is heavy-duty and constructed with sturdiness.

I love that the cactus shape provides three different heights for your pet. This way your cat can scratch either on its hind legs or just lying down. The dangling cactus ball also provides extra entertainment for your cat.

If your cat isn't too fond of new pet furniture or pet products, try sprinkling some catnip on the post so it can get familiar. Once acclimated, your kitty won't be able to keep its paws off it!

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