Cat vs Coyote
YouTube: Mary Jacobson

Security Camera Captures Cat Successfully Fighting Off Attack from Huge Coyote

This cat's ferocity saved its life.

Coyotes are increasingly becoming a problem in many parts of North America. As these animas lose their natural habitat, they have also started to lose some of their natural fears of humans. As a result, they have started to hunt closer to human habitation.

Obviously, this causes some conflicts from time to time. Both with humans and domesticated animals that the coyotes may encounter while intruding on humans' space.

Such is the case with this video. Uploaded to YouTube by Mary Jacobson, it shows a frightened house cat being chased by a coyote more than twice her size. Unbelievably, the cat manages to fight this attack off in spectacular fashion.

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We're glad the cat was okay after this ordeal. The early part of the video made it look like this cat was only seconds away from becoming the coyote's lunch. Fortunately, the will to survive was strong and kitty was able to fend off the coyote's advances. Eventually, the coyote decides a face full of claws is not worth the effort for this meal and saunters off. Not without one last look-back at the cat, which still appears to be on edge. In the video's description, Jacobson notes that the cat was fine and was still wandering around outside months after the attack. Hopefully, a little more wary of its surroundings.

Note how the cat arched her back to make herself appear larger in the face of this attack. This is a good argument for not declawing your cats. Where there is one coyote, there are likely others.

Not every cat is this lucky. However, we have seen a few videos in the past where the domesticated felines manage to battle off coyote attackers. One cat even managed to fight off three of them once. That cat's owners made their pet indoors after that incident. Personally, if this were outside my house, I'd be looking to do some extra coyote hunting after watching a video like this.

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