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Kitten Decides Her Beagle's Ear Makes The Best Blanket

In the cutest Tiktok animal video, a small cat sleeps under a dog's ear, making the most adorable best friends. 

Cats and dogs are not typically known for getting along. Most pet owners know that there is a high likelihood that their feline and their canine will not get along, much less cuddle with one another. However, this cat has taken to sleeping under this dog's ear, which is atypical cat behavior, but totally normal for this funny cat and her beagle.

Cute Kitten and Her Cat Blanket


Reply to @559sue just using the dogs ear as a blanket ? #cat #dog

? original sound - user23910497187

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Chlea and Chloe became fast friends. Once the Beagle and the kitten were acquainted, the funny animals' relationship blossomed.

This viral social media video of the two of them napping has come out ahead as one of their most popular. They frequently snuggle up in many of the dog and cat videos shared by their owners, but by far, the cutest is the two of them sleeping. The cat bed is supplemented by the best accessory a house cat could ask for: the beagle's ear.

The cute cat's happily sleeping next to his snuggly dog buddy. Clearly, from their body language in the video, the two are meant to be.

Can Dogs And Cats Be Friends? 

Cat owners are hesitant to bring a dog into their family and vice versa. Some dog breeds do get along better with cats. Golden Retrievers are known for their sweet temperament and ability to get along with many different animals, including wild animals.

German Shepherds have also been seen in many adorable cat videos snuggling their new kitten friends or sniffing around the cat's litterbox, trying to see what this new addition is all about.

If your dog is not a fan of felines, you can always chat with an animal behaviorist to see what training techniques you can employ to make your home a little more harmonious.

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