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Check Out The Car Ownership Rates for the Greater NYC Area

Car ownership rates in New York City are low...go figure. Can automakers market to the metropolis?

The New York Auto Show just wrapped up and it was a doozy. Tech took center stage, Toyota revealed its badass two-tone 2019 RAV4, and Nissan showed off its stunning VC-turbo engine in the new Altima. But having an auto show in New York City makes sense just as much as it doesn't. Yes, the city is a big draw for tourists and car companies wanting to hawk their products, but it's also a city that's seeing less and less need for cars.

According to New York City Economic Development Corporation, car ownership rates in the Manhattan area are super low due to tiny streets, millions of people living on top of each other, and more dependency on public transit.

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A recent census showed that only 22% of households in the more busy parts of the city own a car compared to 83% on Staten Island and 62% in Queens. And even though about 45% of the people in Greater NYC area do have a car in their driveway, only about a quarter of those people actually use said car for commuting. The hell are they using it for then?

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New York City is well-known for its public transit system with plenty of buses, yellow taxis, subways, and bike rentals. The MTA has more stations than any other metro system in the entire world. So, how do car companies reach out to citizens of the metropolis to boost car ownership rates? This is something that has us envisioning a team of tired car marketing execs throwing balled up pieces of paper in waste bins.

The New York Auto Show is always a huge draw, and this year was no different as hordes of auto enthusiasts piled into the Jacob Javits Convention Center to see hot new releases and teases of concept tech mania on wheels. But for most New Yorkers, was this more for show or are they looking to boost car ownership rates themselves?

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