Can You Really Cook an Egg With a Flamethrower?

Introducing the flamethrower: the newest addition to the egg cooking community.

Maybe the better question would be: if you torch an egg with a flamethrower, will you still want to eat it? Finding out may not be all that much fun or taste-worthy, but watching it happen is great.

Basically speaking, the fuel is sprayed out of the device in a fairly tight stream, allowing that spray to be ignited by the ready-to-go flame at the tip. The biggest problem is that the fuel goes to the source that the aimer points it towards, and keeps it lit on fire.

This leaves some nasty residue on whatever you're trying to torch: a fire ant hill, eggs, or enemies in a war zone. Watch as these dudes ultimately try a few different approaches to the whole question and see what they come up with.

Well, that was fun and educational. They tried to cook a raw egg in a pan, one or two in the shell, and one in a pan of water. The winner: the flamethrower actually torched the pan of water long enough to get it boiling and voila: a hard-boiled egg emerged.

This proves one thing at least: some hungry dudes will eat anything!

Be careful out there, and know what it is you're messing with. A flamethrower of any type can be quite dangerous.

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