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Making an Aluminum Casting of a Fire Ant Colony [VIDEO]

Ants are some of the most populous creatures on earth. They are also some of the most industrious and social insects alive. This is what happens when you make a work of art from a fire ant colony.

What’s underground in these colonies has been largely a mystery up until now. In a stroke of wild imagination, someone had the idea to pour molten aluminum down a fire ant hole.

The result gives us a spectacular understanding of the inner workings of an ant hill.

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Fire ants have a bad reputation, and a nasty disposition to match. People living in the southeastern United States are well aware of what it can mean to stumble upon a nest of these mean little critters. Up to 60 percent of residents in these areas are stung each year.

The making of an aluminum replica of a fire ant colony results in an incredible piece of natural art. It’s a testament to the skill of one of nature’s smallest engineers. The depth and intricacy of the mound can be seen in the details of the casting. Next, we want them to try it with liquid gold.

It’s an amazing thing to watch, unless you’re a fire ant.

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Making an Aluminum Casting of a Fire Ant Colony [VIDEO]