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Hunter Somehow Takes a Rabbit From 282 Yards

rabbit hunting
YouTube: freedomofabird

What you are about to witness is an amazing feat of shooting with a .17 HMR as a rabbit at 282 yards away goes down with no problem.

We know that the .17 HMR was made to shoot accurately at long distances, but because the bullet is so small, it's hard for most people to hit longer shots.

But if you really know what you are doing, and know the science of long-range shooting, hitting something like this 282-yard shot on a rabbit is no problem.

Most people won't even be able to spot the rabbit from that far away, much less actually pull off this amazing shot.

It's absolutely amazing how when a person knows exactly what the conditions are and how to account for them you are able to hit such a difficult shot with such ease. If you can hit a shot like this, well done on you; if not, it looks like you need to spend a little more time out on the range practicing your technique.

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Hunter Somehow Takes a Rabbit From 282 Yards